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As our 10years e-commerce logistics solution experience,we can provide the transhipment service to you for your shipment from our warehouse to all around the world with differernt delivery service,with a good transit time with the insurance service.

Warehouse Service

Warehouse Service

You can put your commodities in our warehouse for storage. Under our Warehouse Management System,you can send the order to us.Once we got it,we pick and pack your commodity with our stander package,print the shipment label stick on it ship to your buyer with our logistics service.



We have a purchase team professional for purchasing the product in the market,compare the price of different kinds of products for your reference.If you want us to purchase for you,we can do it with a value add service examine goods and send the report to you with the listing we purchase and store it in our warehouse waiting for your next order.

GuangZhou direct freight to US,UPS delivery to Amazon

For speed up the Amazon warehouse delivery service from China,beside our airfreight service from Beijing airport,now we cooperate with China Southem Airlines.... Read More

B2C parcels to Europe delivery,by DDP model more convenient for the buyer

B2C parcle EU,we have HongKong and Guangzhou freight solutions.For non-battery parcels,we can choose CZ freight from Guangzhou CAN to Amsterdam AMS.... Read More

UPS service faster delibvery to Japan

Beginning May 13, 2019, the transit time for shipments using UPS Worldwide Expedited service from Eastern China to Japan will be reduced by one business day. .... Read More


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